Day/Half Day Excursions


We work from two beaches in the Alghero region, one is in scenic Porto Conte, with it's wildly beautiful coast teeming with marine life, and the other is Punta Negra which is within a protected area ideal for when the sea gets choppy and with access to the southern end of the marine park. Both of these areas are amazing, and we will visit some truly stunning coastline far from the touristic areas.


Porto Conte  - This is a coastal area of intense natural beauty with a stunning mountainous background encompassed within a National Park and offers something for both experienced and novice kayakers alike (depending on wind). From here, on a half day trip, we visit parts of the Capo Caccia Nature Reserve and circumnavigate the Island of Foradada with its gigantic sea cave and finally returning to Porto Conte. For those looking for a full day trip we paddle around Capo Caccia and the outlying islands stopping at the bay of Porticciolo with its amazing tower and beautiful beach, which is also our favourite spot for snorkeling, from there we either return to Porto Conte of paddle on to Porto Ferro. 


Punta Negra Beach - An ideal location which is usually a very calm area with lots of coves and small beaches. We visit numerous isolated sandy beaches in the area for a snorkel and a swim or just chill out as we take a leisurely trip by old forts and lushly forested shores. For those who wish for a full day excursion we will venture further into the Capo Caccia Nature Reserve and the Bay of Porto Conte and Cappo Caccia where we will take in the full beauty of this nature reserve and enjoy the experience of paddling in a marine protected area.



60€ Half Day Excursions (approx. 3 Hours)

90€ Full Day Excursions (approx. 7 Hours)


Free Pick-up 

Our pick-up point is free and easy to find:

  • Fertilia - at the Piazza Gulia in front of the Church or opposite the bus stop. 10:00 am pick up.


To enquire about booking a whole or half-day trip, please fill in our day-trip enquiry form.


Extra Info

  • Price includes snorkeling equipment and drinking water (catered lunch 5€ extra).
  • Please bring a hat, sunscreen and a dry change of clothes.
  • Not all of our locations offer bathroom facilities, we recommend that clients plan accordingly.

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